What is Fullcheck System?

A used oil analysis program launched by Opet Lubricants, Fullcheck is an equipment monitoring system, which includes also tests that can report the wearing condition of the lubrication system apart from the classical analyses, which provide information about the condition of lubricant.

The field experience of Opet lubricants, the regular monitoring of the condition of oils via samples collected from the critical lubricating systems of the equipments, and the monitoring of the lifecycles of both the lubricant being used and the systems, where such oils are used, are known to contribute to the detection of the faults likely to arise in the equipment in advance and to the lowering of equipment maintenance periods and costs.

For a much sound interpretation, samples should be collected from the lubrication systems of your important equipments at regular intervals, and the results of analyses should be compared to previous ones. In addition, you should take into account the operating conditions of your equipment and vehicles for an efficient evaluation of the oil analysis results.

Run Fullcheck E-Book application.

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What are the Advantages of Fullcheck?

Protective Maintenance of Your Fleet or Equipment

Thanks to Fullcheck regular control of your fleet or equipment:

  • Maintenance priorities are determined.
  • Machine/ Vehicle downtimes will shorten.
  • Breakdown maintenances will be verified.
  • It will facilitate making the decision of whether to put the machine/ vehicle into maintenance.
  • Workshop efficiency will be increased.

Comprehensive Service

Thanks to Fullcheck used oil analysis system:

  • Detailed analysis results of lubrication systems will be promptly delivered to you.
  • You will have the opportunity to benefit from modern and sensitive devices in our laboratory.
  • You can make decisions for equipment promptly with the help of colorful warning system and clear warnings.
  • You will have the opportunity to be informed about sample analysis process via internet.
  • You can follow up-to-date analysis results and statistical evaluations via internet.

Run Fullcheck E-Book application.

Please click to visit Opet Fullcheck website.