Innovative Leader of Mineral Oil Sector

One of the greatest fuel oil distribution companies in our country, OPET, is taking steps towards mineral oil sector with its new brands of "Full Series".

Having received many awards both from abroad and domestically for its specially designed bottle, Full Series Engine Oils meet all the requirements of superior and high performance vehicles of modern automotive industry with their newly developed formulas. Consequently, Full Series engine oils manufactured by OPET are approved by automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, MAN, VOLVO and Ford.

Acting with "principle of constant development and change", OPET brings products that match market expectations into use in every field where industrial oil is required. The usage areas of these products and its catalogue which shows the performance levels reached by these products are exhibited.


High performance for speed and strength fans

A high-flyer engine oil for those who feel speed, performance, excitement inside, that cares for every part of the vehicle separately and that aims to carry its performance a step forward at every kilometer- Opet fulltech...

Opet fulltech, developed with combination of high quality base oils and advanced additive technology, delivers superior performance under the hardest road and driving conditions.

With its special formula, it ensures easy start-up in cold weather, perfect protection against abrasion, long service life and fuel economy.


Maximum protection in your vehicle's engine

An engine oil that will provide maximum protection on long roads and in the city for those who love their vehicles and who care for them.- opet Fullmax..

Your vehicle will be worn out more in city traffic where you will start and stop the vehicle constantly, frequent acceleration and braking harms the engine of your vehicle and overheats it. That corrodes parts of your engine and shortens its life.

Opet Fullmax, developed with special combination of high quality base oils and advanced additive technology and protects engine from corrosion on long and hard roads and during starting-stopping in city traffic.

With its special Formula, it prevents deposit and sludge forming at high temperatures and during starting-stopping and keeps engine clean.


Unique Lubrication During Four Seasons

As vehicles grow older, the level of care they need increases; to the ones that want to get efficiency from vehicles, that don't want to have problems with friction and that want to maintain the performance of the engine as if it were the first day, an engine oil that offers a qualified solution.

Formulated with qualified base oils and special additives, provides optimal protection during engine life. With its formula, it is appropriate for worn-out engines, lubricating throughout all four seasons.


For commercial fleets and businesses; high protection, Full support

A new and strong offer from opet mineral oils to fleets and businesses- Opet fullpro..

Opet fullpro. Formulated by a special combination of high quality base oils and advanced additive technology to meet requirements of leading oem* manufacturers and its superior qualities are tested under hardest conditions in vehicles of oem manufacturers and approved.

Recommended especially for users that has wide and various machine park.

With high protection quality, it ensures that first day performance is gained from vehicles for a longer time. Giving required support to every point of the engine, opet Fullpro prevents major malfunctions arising from friction while increasing performance of vehicle and ensuring economic and smooth driving

Therefore, trade is more lucrative with Opet fullpro, and you are put at ease.


Power, performance and superior protection for masters of long travel…

For heavy commercial vehicles that deal with soil and load; for all new drivers fighting against roads, a brand-new road friend: fullmaster..

Protecting engine without decreasing engine running under heavy conditions and increasing its strength and performance, fullmaster will be the first choice of all drivers that have a long road ahead of them and a heavy load with its superior resistance...

With its wide product range that can meet lubrication, protection and performance needs of all heavy diesel vehicles and caterpillars, fullmaster provides solutions for everyone.